Meet the Photographers

Meet Darren

Darren’s photography career started almost by accident. When he was asked to help out with photos at his brother-in-laws wedding, he found that he loved it. He began to study and practice, learning and growing his skills, until today clients say that what really stands out to them about his photos is the striking quality of eyes, lighting and creamy skin tones. They also note that they love the way he captures the special spark that makes each person so unique.   Perhaps that’s because Darren really loves being with people. There is really nothing else he would rather be doing in spare time, though spending time in the beauty of God’s creation runs a close second. He spent his boyhood in the mountains of northern Idaho, where he competed with siblings in swimming, skating, hunting, and fishing.  Fortunately for his business, he is better able to keep afloat in this area than in water. When told that if he just held his breath under water long enough he would eventually float, he dived in and stayed below so long that they were ready to come after him before he swam to the surface.

A Wedding Photo of Darren and Lisa

Meet Lisa

Lisa loves working with people as well. Facing the whims and moods of children at sessions is no big deal for her. After all, not only does she have two children of her own, but she well remembers her own childhood years, and the fun and mischief she got into. She was a rowdy little ‘tomboy” who loved to climb trees, shoot arrows and play Indian, decked out in pokeberry war paint.   That was her wild side. Her artistic side led her to tell her mom that she dreamed of being an illustrator for children’s books, a dream she has succeeded in. She has a talent for seeing creatively, and often makes suggestions that help to make Darren and Lisa’s joint photography a success.  Clients say that together, they make a fantastic team, a sentiment that they share when it comes to everyday life as well.  One goal for which they strive with each session is to make sure it is fun and enjoyable for everyone, including those who really don’t like being in front of the camera.

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