Why is design consultation important?

In order to ensure that you receive the full benefit of what you are paying for, we offer you the option of time to walk through your home together, discuss where you would like to use your pictures, what to wear, and even take a peak in your closet, if you wish, to discuss the best options.

How many images will I receive?

The actual image count will vary from session to session. While we are likely to take several hundred images during the session, we will spare you the headache of sorting through so many options, and will usually select between 20-50 images that are sure to delight you. These will be carefully edited and prepared before the ordering session.

What if my kids won’t co-operate?dnlphotography -0219

Here is where you can leave the work up to us. We are used to working with un-cooperative and even cantankerous kids. You can make sure that they are well rested, and of course avoid giving them a messy snack(like red jello) just before we start, but then leave the rest up to us. Just tell them you are going to go hang out and have fun together at the park(or what ever location we’ve chosen together) and let us take care of helping them to smile and relax.

Will I receive digital images?

We provide web-sized images for Facebook, and other social media usage and blogging. These will have our logo and copyright information imbedded, and are copyrighted and non-printable. You will have the option of purchasing the digital files with print rights if you so desire.

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