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At the Train Station

We did a styled session at the train station with these sweet little girls. They did such a great job! The evening was pleasant, not too hot even if it was July and the sunset was so warm and balmy. Couldn’t have asked for nicer weather if we’d have ordered it! Here are a few of the images from the evening, including an impromptu family photo just at sunset before the light became too dim to work any longer.

Vintage Rose

You don’t find one like this just every day… I was thrift shopping when I came upon this little dress and knew it was just perfect! I couldn’t leave it behind. Now that the June roses are in bloom, We had some fun getting some pictures of ourlittle princess with it.

When it Rains on Your Party – Dance in the Rain!

There are so many ways to look at the things that happen to us in everyday life, and so much of it depend on our perspective. Do you see your glass as half full or half empty? I know for myself, that when I choose to look at the bright side, life is a lot more fun. Did you ever watch the enjoyment that a child can get out of a muddle puddle? Well here are just a few pictures to remind you!

Does it look like the sun is coming out?


This is fun!

And WET!

Drippety drop!

Cheers to having fun and enjoying life, no matter what it offers!