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You’ve got so much to do… Life just seems to whiz by in months and years instead of moments and days. Wasn’t it just yesterday that you cuddled that little imp of mischief in your arms and your heart nearly stood still when he flashed you that angel smile? And look at him today! Is he REALLY standing on the window ledge to fly his plane again!? It’s hard to imagine that a full five years have slipped through your fingers just like that! You knew they would and yet….

You pause to catch your breath and wonder, “Isn’t there a way to slow life down and catch a few of the silver strands to be treasured forever?” You rock your precious new little bundle of joy and hold her close. Her soft breath on your neck, her little fingers twine around yours, and you glance out the window at Billy boy, splashing in the puddles, doing a twirl dance with his little plane, and know in a moment more he will be dashing in the door, leaving wet, muddy footprints for you to clean up again. But somewhere deep inside you know it doesn’t matter, because tomorrow the nest will be empty, and you will wish you could have today’s sticky finger prints and muddy tracks, if you could only hear those childish voices ring down the stairs again, or curl up together for one more bedtime story.

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And you know it’s time to get someone to help  you catch those threads. You’ve dreamed and planned to do it. But it just doesn’t get itself done. Those Pinterest projects that looked so doable are still waiting to be looked at again, let alone finished, and you remember with a pang that your wedding pictures are still on the cd. True, you DID print a few for a little flip book, but that amazing scrapbook never happened. Neither did the one you planned to do with Billy’s baby pictures, and you know that the inevitable will happen. Life won’t slow down for years yet, and do you really want to miss it. Besides, in all the snapshots you’ve been taking, there is one face that is always missing – your own. You never quite feel ready for the picture yourself. Maybe you wanted to lose those extra pounds or get that perm, but really, doesn’t your family love you just like you are? They want to see you in the pictures too.


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