Thankful for Love

It’s sunset of another thanksgiving day. The last rays of light wash the landscape, and we get to enjoy it with the Showalter family(and watch them enjoy it with each other, which is an added plus, cause we always enjoy getting a glimpse of that love spark, don’t you?)

dnlphotography -9640

I love this image… It puts into words something I treasure in my heart. The little ones don’t need to bring separation to your marriage. They do bring changes,… distractions,… yes, and joy too.
Take a look at the delight on the little girlie’s face as she swings on mom and dad’s hands.
So this Thanksgiving day –
I’m thankful for many many things, among which are:

  • The love of those nearest and dearest
  • Precious glimpses of joy in little things
  • Sunset hours with my sweetheart
  • God’s provision for our family – always having enough to put the food on the table
  • And this list could go on and on.

What about you? What are you thankful for today?

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