Mother and Daughter

“A Mother holds her daughter’s hand for a little while, 
but her heart forever”
      Tonight made me realize again the enormity of all a mother does for her child. You don’t think about it the same until you have a child of your own. This sweet little cherub also had an intense mind of her own, as evidenced by her purple cup, which she was not about to give up.
      A mom invests so much time and energy, both mental and physical, into the little ones that share a part of her heart. It is only right that she will always have a place in theirs.
Ruby was so sweet to watch with her little one, and makes a wonderful mother.
We had a pleasant evening, basking in the golden light of autumn’s last rays, and tromping through the fields, looking for opportunities to catch those perfect shots.
Oh, my word, I’m gorgeous, aren’t I?!
      Just a few sneak peaks of the stunning portraits we captured together.
      And remember, moms, there is no reason to avoid scheduling an appointment, or to stress because that little one of yours doesn’t always cooperate. What little one always does? It’s our business to worry about getting the shots so that you can just relax and enjoy the time together.

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