On the Farm – Family Photos in Harrisonburg, Va

There’s something in me that always finds a unique fascination in all things old. This rusty old truck caught my eye months before we got together for family pictures. I just knew that someday I had to return and capture the nostalgia wrapped up in this bundle of rust and forgotten memories. We had fun here before visiting other areas of the farm.

dnlphotography -5810

   Gathering eggs… one of those things that most children on the farm get to participate in. Even if I didn’t grow up on the farm myself, there were times we did it for the neighbors when I was young. Their nasty rooster always scared the living daylights out of me! But of course not everyone has to deal with that part!

dnlphotography -5873

Sometimes chickens can even be light family pets!

dnlphotography -5876


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