Ladybug Birthday Party

And those little ones grow up and get their own notions about what they want. This time my three year old petitioned for a ladybug birthday. I thought first of doing a layered cake. But an extra complication to the scheme is that she and her brother are both gluten intolerant. Now though it is possible to make a yummy gluten free cake, I just wasn’t sure I wanted to try to do it large scale. So we worked out a little compromise of mini cupcakes with a lady bug candy topping them. We planned to do it as a play date at the park. I meant to spread out a picnic with helium balloons to make things pop, and well, one by one, plans back fired. First I learned about the helium shortage and its effect on “no party balloons” Bummer! Then it turned out to be a cold rainy day, instead of one of the warm sunshiny ones we’d been experiencing recently. I almost just totally canceled the whole thing, but I knew it would be a sore disappointment to little missy. And yet, with the house as tiny as it is, I didn’t see how we could really do it reasonably indoors. Below you will see what we ended up working out for her. Just two little friends (plus two moms and brothers joined us) and we improvised fairly successfully, I would say. 🙂

The menu :

Lady bug sandwich slices

Tomato and cream cheese ladybug crackers

Veggies and dip (+plus the dairy and gluten free meat,vegi cheese, and cracker variety)

Ladybug cupcakes

Bug juice (strawberry kiwi juice boxes with homemade labels)

Sour cherry candies

I put up a gauzy canopy and surrounded it by balloons. Inside was a heart pillow turned ladybug and a blanket and pillow to sit on. The little girls LOVED it. And we had our picnic despite the weather.

2 thoughts on “Ladybug Birthday Party

  1. Mary H. Kelly

    My, what beautiful, darling little girls! The theme of the party was delightful. I hope you have lots of photos for her memory book. I’m sure she had a Happy Birthday. Love, Auntie Mary


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